For 15 years Strand Comics has published comic strips in newspapers and magazines in Scandinavia and beyond. During this time we have brought through a new generation of comic strips with a more contemporary humour than their traditional American counterparts. Our comics have been enormously successful in Scandinavia, and have now gained a foothold in several European newspapers, too.

"Rocky is what an American newspaper comic might look like if the American newspaper comics page didn't suck." Metro (USA)

Rocky by Martin Kellerman is the biggest comics success in Sweden over the past 10 years. Martin Kellerman uses animal characters to depict himself and his friends, and mercilessly exploits his own situation with intelligent, pungent humour.

Read by hundreds of thousands of people in Sweden, Rocky has in recent years also made it abroad, being published in 13 countries, including USA, France, Japan, Spain and Italy. Rocky is available as daily strips, weekly half pages and whole pages.

“Pondus is the funniest comic strip out there – and furthermore an evidence that Norwegians actually have a sense of humour!” Uffe Ellemann Jensen, danish Foreign Secretary 1982-1993 in a 2007 interview with Berlingske Tidende (Denmark)

Pondus by Frode Øverli is the biggest hit in all of Scandinavia. It is a modern, inclusive family series centered on the two friends, Pondus and Ray, and their unconventional families. There is a broad array of characters, and the continual development of personalities and plot from one day to the next gives Pondus a variety and freshness that is unusual for this medium.

Pondus is printed daily in more than 100 newspapers and websites in Norway and abroad. With its massive sales of magazines and books, Pondus has become the greatest Nordic comics success ever. Pondus is available as daily strips and weekly half pages.

Square One is Frode Øverli's latest success. With no permanent characters or settings, Square One is a single-panel comic that in the nordic countries have become the heir to Gary Larsons The Far Side. The popularity of Square One has awarded the comic with its own bimonthly magazine in Norway. Square One is available for daily and weekly publishing, and is perfect for weekend supplements.

General Hoopsital is another series from Frode Øverli. This is a farcical comic series set in a hospital, with doctors that think ethics is a form of quick anaesthetic and the appendix is the end of a book. The series is printed in VG, Norway's biggest newspaper, as well as many other papers and magazines. General Hoopsital is available as weekly strips, half pages and whole pages.




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